Gauteng is the Sesotho word for "place of gold", because it was built on the wealth of gold found underground throughout most of the province. Although gold is still mined here, the economy is diversified with sectors such as finance, manufacturing and other mining activities. Gauteng covers 1.4% of the South African land area and contributes 33% to the national economy and 10% of the GDP of the entire African continent. Click on pic for more info

North West is known as the Platinum Province because of the wealth of metal that is mined here. The province lies in the north of South Africa on the Botswana border, fringed by the Kalahari desert in the west, Gauteng province to the east, and the Free State to the south. Most economic activity is concentrated in the southern region as well as Rustenburg and the eastern region, where more than 83.3% of the province's economic activity takes place.Click on pic for more info

With its typical African landscape, Limpopo is a land of beautiful contrasts and a favourite destination for leisure and adventure travelers worldwide. When you visit this region of scenic beauty and dramatic contrasts you will be celebrating their rich cultural heritage with them. This land with an abundance of wildlife and many archeological sites, hot savannah planes and mist clad mountains, makes it the preferred Eco-tourism destination in South Africa.Click on pic for more info

Mpumalanga shares its borders with Swaziland and Mozambique. The larger, more populated southern part of the Kruger National Park is in Mpumalanga. The recreated mining town of Pilgrim's rest offers some insights into the gold rush that took place over a hundred years ago. The landscapes are breathtakingly beautiful in this province with many waterfalls, and range from rugged grasslands of the escarpment to the tropical humidity and plant life of the lowveld. Click on pic for more info.

This championship golf course which was designed by eighteen of the world's top golfers a spectacular Extreme 19th hole which is the longest and most dramatic Par 3 in the world.Golfers have a choice of playing this challenging hole in addition to their round of 18 holes, or as a unique experience on its own The extreme 19th hole- Accessible only by helicopter, the 19th hole is set high up on the impressive Hangklip Mountain. The par 3 hole is played from a vertical height of

Spend a day visting the three most famous sport stadiums within the Gauteng Province.These stadiums are world-class arenas for hosting the soccer world cup events during 2010. Experience the state of the art facilities enjoyed by the teams utilising these stadia and get a peek inside the buildings - These fully guided tours are only conducted from Mondays to Fridays from 8h00 until 16h00. Click on pic for more info

We can arrange a diamond tour to suit your requirements, but would also like to specifically mention the unique Star Cut diamond with eight additional facets. With a total of 66 facets, this Star Cut radiates a star so bright and clear that it could have easily fallen from the night sky. The extraction and sale of each of these diamonds, while it may be precious to you, brings great value to society too. One percent of sales from every Star Cut diamond is donated to a social upliftment

Usually beginning just before sunrise, a hot air balloon trip will gently lift you off the ground and leisurely let you float along with the wind. You will have a glorious view of the sunrise as well as keep on the lookout for the scenes on the ground below. The panoramic views from this height will leave you speechless as you witness the sunrise and the spreading light extending to the opposite horizon. This is a once in a lifetime experience, and the memories of it will stay with y

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