Why your safety and security concerns should not keep you from visiting our wonderful country

You are probably, like many others contemplating a visit to South Africa, but in the back of your mind, you are seriously concerned about the safety and security, and feel that it would be safer to go on holiday elsewhere

Let us try and put into perspective some of your concerns and offer you some tips at the same time.

Media is having a field day about the police brutality and other crimes at the moment, and as usual very little is said about the good things. It is however true that the incidents are isolated and that most South Africans and tourists to our country are safe and sound and enjoying life.

A few tips that could help you and that can ensure that you take precautions from your side, are pointed out hereunder:

  • Make sure that you keep certified copies of all your travel documents so that in the event that you misplace them or get robbed ,  you do have copies that you can rely on.
  • Never openly display that you are a tourist by flashing the cameras and binoculars at all times. Keep them tucked away in your bags or holders until you need it.
  • Always keep your personal belongings like wallets and cell phones close to your body, for example, in a bag that is strapped to your waist or across your shoulder.
  • Don’t wear flashy, expensive jewellery, unless you are going to a formal function, and you know you won’t be walking in the open streets etc.
  • Never  venture into dark spots or passages at night, especially when you are on your own.


However, the best advice we can offer you is to ensure that you make use of a registered guide to guide and advise you. Here, at Sunstreak Tours, we will ensure that your package include safe places to stay, safe and secure travel arrangements, and most of all, a trusted guide that will accompany you - someone who knows the area and will ensure that your life is not unnecessarily endangered.

Why not contact us today, so that we can tailor make a package that will suit your requirements, and experience that personal touch which will make your holiday unforgettable!




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