Johannesburg - Place of Gold, and often called the heartbeat of South Africa, and the industrial capital of Gauteng. The city was built on the discovery of gold, and continues today to produce its own unique treasures.

Experience the passion, the pride and the endless possibilities. Feel the spirit of its people in powerful monuments, echoing with the past. This is the gateway to Many Southern African tourist hotspots and local ones like God Reef City, museums and botanical gardens. Also known as the city of trees, Johannesburg has more than 6 million trees and is one of the largest Urban Jungles in the world.

From the top of the Carlton Centre you are able to see its beauty from its unmistakable skyline to the many historical landmarks in and around the city.

With its diversity in culture, colours and rich heritage, Joburg is sure to steal your heart, and leave a lasting imprint in your mind.

What awaits you is an unforgettable, non-stop adventure with its historical buildings and streets.

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